Friday, August 15, 2008

Beading Tools and materials

For beading you will need a few tools: First of all you will need several types of pliers, the chain-nose pliers for maneuvering through the links of a chain, the needle nose pliers are for shaping wire, round nose pliers for making loops for attaching beads to the piece being worked, flat nose pliers hold wire securely when shaping wire while crimping pliers are used to flatten crimping beads. These beads are made of soft metal and their sole purpose is to hold your beads in place on the stringing material, they are used prior to attaching the closures. Finally you will need a pair of wire cutters so that your cut will not leave irritating bits of wire called burrs to scratch skin or catch on clothing.

You will need a bead board. This board has groves with incremental numbers where you can lay out your designs before actually stringing them. Most boards have an area where you can sort your beads and the board will prevent your beads from rolling away unto the floor.

You may find some other tools helpful, but they are not necessary. A chasing hammer and jewelers lock for shaping metal, clips for keeping the design together once you have started to build your design to prevent the parts from falling off the stringing material. Simpe pieces are generally strung in a short period of time and there is no need for clips but as your designs become more complicated you will probably find the use of clips necessary. Download the beading ebook and get started right away.

Beading for Beginners

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